Top 3 things to help get over an ex.


She is

She is to him what pen is to paper.. What honey is to bees, what day is to night , what water is to fish his breath his shoulder his rib ,his backbone ,his soul, his comforter his shadow his women his wife his queen..see she is more than his riches ..because to him she is worth more than gold..



All I hear them talk about is hoe shit
All that hit it and quit it pass it to my bro shit Love ain’t real its for the birds shit And I’m thinking Maybe thats why you cant find nothing real shit cuz you wont give it a try! and really you cant find nothing real cuz u ain’t reAl shit and if real recognize real and you fxxking hoes and degrading them you are what you lay with shit…


He fell for her ambition her goals turned him on
She captivated his mind with her words Her physical appearance was the last thing on his mind he was intrigued by her intelligence and how driven she was



You ever had your heart broken so bad that you could feel the pulmonary artery start to tighten as you withered for your last breath.. Like a sharp 16 inch dagger thru your chest.. Your throat closes up and not a wisp of air can escape..
You can feel your heart struggling to beat then the beating stops and there is no sound …




Every time she thinks about walking away he pulls her back in
Shes sucked back in to the non reality vortex of lies sold dreams and broken promises
And even tho she is well aware of it shes to weak to face the reality of it all



I met a man

I met a man that showed me what real love is and it was like the second slice of bread out the bag like the first breath of fresh air like the first orgasm after a ruff sensational ride is wild love is fresh love is just unexplainably beautiful and i love to be in love..