I enjoy writing, it makes me feel as if I’m getting a whole lot off my mind , and off my chest .. Its like venting to paper and pen. Ive always been infatuated with poetry and quotes and Maya Angelou she just inspired my soul. I was never the type to tell anybody whats really going on inside my head I’ve always wrote it down. I lack communication skills and at the age of 20 I’m still working on it. I am not the best at writing I have poor word choice lol i am also working on that I wish to simply expand my vocabulary. I am the type of person who would rather read or listen to music or poetry rather than watch tv and till this day I am still this way. I do not think theres really any body that knows the real me well except my best friend she reads me like a book sometimes and my boyfriend he’s getting there maybe one day he can read me without me having to speak. Poetry just calms my soul I write poetry but I don’t think that I am the best , I just like to get feelings out on paper this is just a hobby nothing i would truly pursue.



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